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The RGI campus has more than 1500+ Computers with latest configuration connected to a single LAN. The above computer systems, along with adequate number of printers, installed in over 50 different Laboratories and offices, and server room (with five Blade Servers) are part of the RGI systems infrastructure. Each laboratory has all the required software (licensed) for designated lab-work. RGI has Microsoft Campus agreement, which allows RGI to use all of the Microsoft software products.

Originals and paper licenses of the software used by all the departments are duly maintained. Records of software and hardware maintenance and up-gradation are also kept.

General hardware configuration



HP Server (Blade server) 4 numbers

  • Dual Processor: HP Proliant DL 180G3- Quad Core Xeon E5310, 1.6 GHz. (P5-510)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 500 GB

IBM Server (Blade server) one number

  • Processor: Compaq Proliant dual XEON ML370. (IBM 9110-510 Server).
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 120GB

Computer systems

  • Processor: INTEL Core 2 duo, 2.5 GHz Processor
  • RAM: 1.00 GB
  • HDD: 160 GB
  • Monitor: Color, 15” (Flat Screen)
  • Input devices: Optical PS/2 Mouse, Keyboard
  • OS: Window XP SP3
  • ETHERNET: 10/100/1000