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M. Pharmacy is a two years course that done after passing B. Pharmacy with 50% marks. In India, the scope of M. Pharmacy is good with right institute and right skill. The M. Pharmacy specializations are provided in various fields, details of which are mentioned below :-



Quality Assurance

Career Scope in various fields after M. Pharm

Teaching - Good scope in government sector universities as well as in private pharmacy colleges . The work pressure in Private colleges is bit high.

Research - A good scope in research that involves drug discovery, formulations research, clinical research and bio-safety studies etc. Scope is always good for deserving candidates. Work pressure is moderate as you mostly work in R&D of well established companies. Future scope is good for deserving in India as well as foreign countries. Work Location is mostly metro cities of states.

Emerging Fields - There are other emerging scopes like Consultancy, Market research, clinical trials, pharmacovogilance after M. Pharm. Market Data research field predict the demand and supply trends, pharmacovigilance involves safety studies after launch of drug in the market. Consultancies are specialized in providing professional advises to Pharma companies for improvement of their performance. These fields pay good starting salary and good career growth for the deserving. Job Location is generally in and around metro cities of Delhi NCR , Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Quality Control - Quality assurance; quality control of the drug and adherence to guidelines is mandatory for industry. Job Location varies from small companies to MNC’s in small and metro cities. M.pharma in pharmaceutical analysis and diploma in quality control after M. Pharma provides you better scope.

Production - You can get jobs in Pharma manufacturing Industry. The starting salary may be less in small company but in future you can get growth into bigger companies. Scope in production is better than teaching after M. Pharm. in pharmaceutics. A diploma in regulatory affairs will enhance your skills and scope in good job. Work pressure may be high in small companies with long working hours. Work location could vary from small towns to big cities.

Regulatory affairs - In regulatory affairs you have to prepare dossiers for exporting drugs into foreign countries. The scope in regulatory affairs is better than teaching. You can pursue courses related to your work to enhance skills and future opportunities. Work pressure varies with the regulatory requirements of company for time to time. Job location could vary from industrial locations in small towns to big cities.

Medical Devices Industry - As number of medical devices companies are less in India, the scope is somewhat lower than pharmaceutical production. You can get good salary after some experience in this field. Work pressure is high. You can find this type of jobs in industrial locations in small towns or big cities.

Government Sector - After M. Pharm, no specific goverment jobs rather than drug inspector or pharmacists in government organizations. You can also give various common graduation based exams like SSC and UPSC. In states where pharmacist cadre exists, masters degree help in quicker promotion. A Drug inspector has starting salary from 50 to 65 thousand per month. The salary of Pharmacist may vary state to state. In central government, railways and ESIC hospitals, the starting salary is about 45000 which become more than 55 thousand after two years probation.

Other Fields - The other careers like marketing, Government jobs opportunities, starting own company, medical store etc may be opt after graduation or post graduation.