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Placement Areas


Drug Manufactuing

Community Health

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Education

Clinical Trial

Intellectual Property Rights

Pharmaceutical Trading

Hospital Pharmacy

Drug Control Board

Computer Aided Education

Drug Regulatory Affairs


Pharmacy is a noble profession with respectable income and considerable opportunities in public and private sectors as well as in self-entreneurship. Private Pharmaceutical industry has grown at the rate of 11-15%, still there is hugs unmet domestic demanda of medicine and qualified and competent Pharmacists marking sure that no Pharmacy graduates remain unemployed.

All aspects of Pharmaceuticals are covered in B. Pharm. Course. Pharmacy Profession is responsible for the discovery, production and supply of all the medicines and vaccines. A pharmacist is more knowledgeable than doctors about drugs and their use. In UK and other developed countries pharmacists are consulted by doctors before prescribing the medicines.


No one remains unemployed after B Pharm: Excellent income for competent pharmacy graduates.

Considerable opportunity for self employment

    • B. Pharm. will be mandatory for opening medical stores in the near future
    • License for Medical store, Whole sale and Stockists.
    • Government loans for starting own pharmaceutical business, company or research laboratories.
    • Contract Manufacturing for other companies.
    • Loan licensing to get manufacturing done for or from other companies.
    • Ideal for girls and women.
Government Jobs
    • Pharmacists in Railways, Insurance Company and Banks.
    • In Government and Hospital and Dispensaries.
    • Employment in Public sector Pharmaceutical Industries.
    • Drug Inspectors and food inspectors
    • Analysts and Assistants in Government Research Laboratories
    • Teaching jobs in Government Colleges and Universities (after higher education)
Private sector jobs

Private Industry and Pharmaceutical Corporations are growing at a rate 11-14% in the last five years. There are huge unmet demands of medicine in the country and India is also emerging as the global supplier of quality medicines, and considerable opportunity exists in export sector. Following types of jobs are available in private corporations.

  • Manufacturing of drugs, tablets, capsules, injections, ointments, creams, lotions.
  • Manufacturing of cosmetics like creams, shampoos, deodorants, soaps, tooth pastes, shaving cream, after shave, bleaching agents, hair removers etc.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality control, Regulatory affairs, Analysts, Product Development.
  • Drug Regulatory affairs and Intellectual Property Rights Department.
  • Sales and Marketing Department
Higher Education
    • Full Government scholarships for higher education to students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PH/Women categories.
    • Full Government scholarships for students of General Category after clearing GPAT.
    • Facilities for Higher education in many National level research students.
    • Special privileges to girls/women in higher education and research.
Job Opportunities abroad/foreign countries
    • Great demands in gulf countries in UK/USA/Australia/New Zealand.
    • Opportunities in teaching in other countries.
    • Foreign visits for conferences, seminars.
  • Research opportunities in international and national research institutes, International Universities for meritorious students.
  • Pharmacy is a respectable profession with excellent income.
  • Opportunity for social contribution in the easiest way  More than 5 lakh people die annually in India due to adverse drug interactions and many more become more seriously ill. Such events are everyday occurrence among our friends, family and community. Pharmacists are most knowledgeable in advising about adverse drug interactions.