Mechanical branch deals with designing parts and product required for any machineries to work. Its application involving laws from Physics, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems makes the study worth. It finds its application in numerous fields, viz. automobile, manufacturing plants, robotics, and prosthetic medical units and has its reach in almost all areas of application. Mechanical engineers fit themselves more easily into their core area as trained and sophisticated professionals are invited in all the manufacturing industries with high


remuneration packages.The curriculum includes training the students in various fields with precision as is required in the field of shipping, foundry units, earth moving equipment, machine tools, domestic and industrial lining and so on. Mechanical engineers need not always wait for the employment and can be an entrepreneur starting their business with small investments and can expand into an industry. They can also be consulted by others to be assisted by other manufacturers.
The department has highly motivated and skilled faculty members. It offers training facility in advanced technologies like CAD/CAM, CNC Machines, etc. Following are some of the equipments available in the laboratories.




Universal Testing Machine
Vertical Milling Machines
Lathe Machines
Sliding roller cutting Machine
Shaper Machine
Various design software’s
Internal Combustion Engines
Drilling machine
CAD/CAM Software, AutoCAD 2009, AutoCAD MEP 2009
Multi-purpose Carpentry machine


Intensive in-plant training is given to the students to be abreast of the technological advances during their summer and winter vacation holidays. The students are trained to analyze and rectify the problems of important equipment that are used in industries.Being a renowned technical institution, apart from University curriculum we revise and update the curriculum as per the needs of the industries. Students are thoroughly trained in CAD/CAM software and given hands-on experience in CNC Machine as well.