To bolster up the quality of professional education in tune with the global standards to cater to the needs of our nation and society by fulfilling students' aspirations to excel in professional education and to make them globally competent to face future challenges.



To make the institute of its own kind by :

* Inculcating the analytical thought process in the minds of students to make them part of think - tank of divergent     thinkers imbibed wiyh original ideas.
* Producing quality engineers for the industry with USP of innovation and creativity.
* Assisting the students in molding their personality and awakening the dormant professionalism to make them excellent as engineers , technocrats and entrepreneurs.



* To strive for excellence in technical education and research towards overall development of stake holders in order to    make them succeed in life and serve the nation.
* To develop the institution as a centre of execellence.
* To strive for overall satisfaction of all the stake holders through quality services.
* To provide stimulating, vibrant and progressive enviorment to staff and students of the Institution for their professional    growth.
* To transform the faculty in the form of a self motivated, highly devoted and positively focused team.
* To encourage and create Research and Development facilities for staff and students and also to provide P. G. Courses &    Doctoral programmes.
* To formulate and implement Industry Institute Synergetic Partnership programme leading to consultancy & testing,    faculty exchange and joint venturing.
* To conduct networked collaborative programmes with the leading foreign universities towards establishing a global    pattern of engineering education.